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Conacul din Ardeal is located 10 km away from the most popular tourist city of Romania, Brasov. Romanian or foreign tourists can enjoy the landmarks the city beneath the Tampa can offer. Historical monuments and natural wonders can fill an impressive visiting itinerary, including attractions like The Black Church, Rasnov Citadel, Piatra Craiului National Park, and last but not least, Bran Castle, a place that made Romania famous overseas by promoting the name and image of the bloody and mysterious Count Dracula.

Feldioara Citadel

Feldioara Citadel is a historical monument that was built in the 13th century and is the most important fortified construction built by the Teutonic knights of Transylvania.

Cetatea Feldioarei

The Fortified Harman Church

The fortified Evangelical Church ensemble from Herman was built in the 13th century on the foundation of an old Roman Basilica, dating from the 12th century. This is an impressive construction and it is recognized as a historical monument.

Cetatea Harman

The Black Church

One of the most representative gothic architecture monuments of Romania, The Black Church sates from the 14th – 15th century. Being over 89 meters long, it is considered to be the largest church in the country.

Biserica Neagra

Sforii Street

Being attested in documents from the 17th century as a simple corridor that aided the work of firemen, Sforii’s Street width varies from 1.11 and 1.32 meters, which makes it the narrowest street in Brasov.

Strada Sforii

The White & Black Towers

The observation towers of the Citadel of Brasov, built as independent fortifications and placed outside the walls of the city, had as main purpose to stopping the approach of enemies near the city walls. They represent true evidence of strategic architecture.

Turnul Alb

"The First School" Museum

The first Romanian school building dates from 1760, is declared a historical museum and can be found inside the courtyard of Saint Nicholas Church from the historical neighborhood called Scheii Brasovului. This is where the first classes in Romanian took place, in 1583.

Prima Scoala Romaneasca

Rasnov Citadel

Rasnov Citadel is one of the best kept fortified ensemble of Transylvania. Its oldest structures, maintained until now, date from the 14th century, these having been built in place of the Teutonic Knights wooden fortifications of the 13th century.

Cetatea Rasnov

Poiana Brasov

Poiana Brasov is one of the most important winter sports resort in Romania, being an internationally renowned tourist attraction. The resort has 12 ski slopes with different difficulty degrees, sports fields, a lake, discos, bars and restaurants.

Poiana Brasov

Bran Castle

Tied to the name of Count Dracula, Bran hosts the most popular castle in Romania. At first, Bran Castle was a military defense citadel with an irregular quadrilateral as its base, but, in 1920, together with its entitlement to Queen Mary, the citadel was made into a royal residence.

Castelul Bran

Rupea Citadel

Rupea Citadel is one of the oldest archeological landmarks of the Romanian territory, the first signs of settlement dating from the Paleolithic and Early Neolithic eras(5500-3500 BC). Its first documented attestation dates from 1324.

Cetatea Rupea

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