Restaurant & bar

Delights and refined tastes, delicacies and fine drinks, these are the perfect ingredients for a real feast of sensations. Here you will find the tastiest dishes, accompanied by the finest beverages, which will satisfy your gourmet.

Enjoy the traditional Romanian cuisine, as well as the most popular international dishes, all prepared with the maximum of flavor and dedication. And because we support diversity, the Ardeal Mansion offers varied food, including natural dishes, vegetarian or fish meals, and chicken, pork, beef, or game menus.

Restaurant of the Mansion from Ardeal

In order to experience a medieval atmosphere in a modern world, we invite you to the restaurant of the Mansion from Ardeal, located opposite the Transylvanian Manor Hotel. Here is the tradition of old-time inns, where you will find tasty traditional food, "to your mother's home" and enjoy the likes of everyone.


Breakfast is the main meal of the day, so start your day with a healthy meal that fills you with energy and well-being.


Take a break from the activities and enjoy a delicious lunch, prepared with the finest and fresh ingredients.


After a busy day of activities and activities, indulge in a hearty dinner to end your day with delicious food and a pleasant company.


Are you looking for a free and light environment? Choose to relax at our bar where you may select from a diversity of beverages and snacks, meant to give you a good time.

Selection of wine

The Mansion from Ardeal offers you a varied selection of wines, suitable for both amateurs and tasters.To enjoy them, all you have to do is visit us.